„Sternenfrauen“, European News Agency, 13.10.2020

Allgemein, Reaktionen

„The theatre performance is realised by a team of enthusiasts and among them two starwomen: Anita Zieher and Sandra Schüddekopf… During the performance Anita virtuously shows the characters and the life pathways of these different women while making the publicum tremble with all movements of their souls… The innovative performance technique also brings video reports with various women working nowadays in science or various activities connected with cosmos. These women are telling about their professional activities, with enthusiasm and joy in their eyes telling about scientific research, discoveries or their dreams to go to cosmos. A charming theater performance, with inspiring ideas and good atmosphere of a small theater in the center of Vienna…“

Den ganzen Artikel finden Sie hier: http://www.european-news-agency.de/kunst_kultur_und_musik/starwomen-79453/